Hello Aloe

This skin soothing succulent looks more like a weapon than the magical mystery save-all plant that it is...

Aloe Vera, a little slice of magic

It's ugly (sorry Aloe), tough, spiky and looks nothing like the god-send it truly is but if you break the surface and reach the soft slimy centre you'll be amazed at the plethora of healing gifts that this little green monster can offer.

This gooey stuff has been used for centuries (think ancient Egyptians) to treat a wide variety of skin and fungal issues, from wounds to burns, infections and ulcers. But why? But how? Well, its leaves are packed full of juicy vitamins like B, C, E and minerals such as magnesium, calcium and zinc but the real sneaky kicker hiding within, is the lesser known compound glycoprotein which boosts collagen production and in turn accelerates the healing process.

This anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, green goddess of nature is quite the little superstar, in my humble opinion. She's a fixer-upper-queen and everyone should have little jar of this stuff in their medicine cabinet, heck everyone should just grow the plant. Better still, you barely need to water her. She gives so much yet asks so little. Sigh, I love you Aloe.


*Side note: looking for an ALOE VERA boosted natural deodorant? Boy do I have a treat for you...


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