Sweating the Small Stuff. Sauna Versus Steam...

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

To Sweat or not to sweat that is the conundrum. While the concept of sweating out your toxins is as old and varied as the hills, many of us fear the sweat and see it as the direct consequence of a vigorous workout and don't even consider the advantage of what a good sweat session can do.

So in the quest to de-stress our body through intense sweat sessions which is better? Wet or dry heat? Steam or sauna? The options are varied. Do you go with the Turkish, Russian or Japanese onsen style steam bath where high humidity is the key factor? Or do you go the Finnish sweat lodge style where stones or electric ovens warm the room to produce a dry heat?

Both options provide a plethora of advantages from increased circulation and a reduction in the symptoms of cold and flu to potentially lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure.

In the end the debate of sauna vs steam would always come down to personal preference and your own comfort levels in terms of what kind of heat you can tolerate. Personally, I love the humidity of a steam room and the feeling of being enveloped by clouds. While I can tolerate the sauna and always feel refreshed after a session, I find the heat too dry and often overwhelming. It's important then to listen to your body and know when enough is enough. Always consult your doctor prior to use and don't forget to drink plenty of water.


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