The Magic of Magnesium

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Magic Magnesium the Mineral of the Hour

It seems to be the mineral of the hour, magic magnesium the latest must have in the health and wellness world but how much is it true and how much is hype?

My personal experience has been nothing but positive and magnesium seems to be a key element in keeping my migraines and bay and my energy levels up. From a scientific perspective, magnesium is an essential electrolyte that seems to impact the balance of your body in maintaining optimum health. It's been associated with regulating blood pressure and the nervous system which in turn, helps produce better sleeping conditions and a calmer mindset. It's also been linked to assist in relieving some of the effects 0f chronic afflictions such as migraine and dementia.

Magnesium deficiency often manifests itself as involuntary muscle twitching, cramps or high blood pressure but a simple blood test at the doctors office can confirm any concerns.

Boosting your magnesium levels is an easy fix and while you can get your daily hit in the form of supplements and pills there are a variety of magnesium rich foods, which are absorbed quickly and efficiently through the digestive system. Avocado, dark chocolate and almonds are all magnesium rich foods which, if taken daily will boost those magnesium levels in no time.

Needless to say, magnesium gets the big tick from me especially when it involves the chowing down of Nadia Lim's incredible Avocado & Dark Chocolate mouse. Click here to check out her amazing recipe!


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